Exporting to India

India. Republic of India

Export opportunities for Spanish companies in India


  • Great market potential.
  • Strong growth in the services and ICT sector.
  • Good pace of reforms towards a more modern, liberalised market.
  • High level of foreign currency reserves.
  • Highly active private sector.


  • Public finances not reorganised.
  • High rate of inflation and tax deficit.
  • Social inequalities.
  • Little development of infrastructures
  • Local bureaucracy.


Investment is seeing significant growth in:

  • services sector.
  • industrial sector: chemicals and steel and iron. Spectacular increase in direct foreign investment (DFI) in the pharmaceutical sector.


  • The Indian economy will continue to grow thanks to strong internal consumption, driven by the high purchasing power of its middle classes.
  • The sectors with potential are: infrastructures, capital goods, pharmaceutical industry, automotive, ICT and machinery, amongst others.




Mohan Dev Building 7th Floor,

13 Tolstoy Marg

110001 New Delhi


Contact details

Manager: Deepesh Malaviya

Tel. (+91) 11 2335 0202



Form of government

Federal state comprising 29 states and 7 territories

Official language (22 official languages)

  • Hindi as the majority language (42%)
  • English (widely used in business and politics)


Indian rupee (INR) = 100 countries

Exchange rate

1 euro = 71 rupees (December 2016)


  • Hinduism (80%)
  • Islam (13%)
  • Christianity (over 2%)
  • Sikh (2% in the Punjab)
  • Others (1%)


1.32 billion inhabitants (2016)

Time difference

Winter: +4h and 30min; Summer +3h and 30min

Banco Sabadell in India

From left to right: V. Srinivasan, R. Arora, D. Malaviya (director) y B. Bharathi

From left to right: V. Srinivasan, R. Arora, D. Malaviya (Manager) and B. Bharathi.



Operating there since 1994, Banco Sabadell is the first Spanish bank in India. Our customers can be sure that their businesses in India will be handled in a proactive, expert manner. Our knowledge of the local financial system signifies that Banco Sabadell enjoys wide recognition and respect among the country’s banks.


Banco Sabadell in India:

  • entry into the market and local banking sector.
  • guidance on multiple financial products: export and import documentary credit, remittances of documents, sureties, guarantees, performance bonds, pre-financing of projects, risk hedging.
  • transaction monitoring.
  • meeting between local Spanish companies, agents or clients of Spanish companies.
  • coordination of client businesses.