Finance your collections and payments

International Financing

With the most appropriate option, trade discount and/or financing for your export and import operations. Identify the alternative best-suited to you to bring forward the collection of the exports you’ve already made or to finance the production process prior to the export.

Advance the amount of the collection rights with respect to your debtors resulting from the operations of your commercial activity abroad, as well as the unmatured commercial credits that your company has with third parties.

BS Confirming is a provider payment management service that enables your company to delegate the payment function to Banco Sabadell. As the invoices to be paid are issued by the customer, the bank informs the providers that it has instructions to make the payments when they’re due, offering them the non-recourse financing of said payments at the same time.

Forfeiting consists of the non-recourse purchase of certain liquid and enforceable mid and long-term non-recourse collection rights, usually resulting from documentary credits, bank guarantees and foreign exchange effects.

Factoring consists of assigning the collection rights of your invoices to the bank so that it can manage their collection. There are several kinds, which may include coverage of the debtor’s insolvency risk and the option of financing by paying the amount of the invoice in advance, with or without recourse.

A financing solution on preferential terms to help you to promote your foreign trade. In the event that you need to finance your internationalisation process or if your cash needs have changed as a result of an increase in your exports and/or imports.

We offer you mid and long-term financing solutions with official subsidies for exports of machinery, capital goods and other technical goods and services of Spanish origin.