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Export opportunities for Spanish companies in Mexico

Destination Mexico symposium: a land of opportunities.
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  • Access to the U.S. market due to its proximity and due to the North American Free Trade Agreement in force.
  • Internal market of millions of people and a growing middle class.
  • Broad range of free trade agreements with Central and South America, as well as with Asia and Europe.
  • Structural reforms that will strengthen dynamic economic activity have been authorised.
  • Good macroeconomic stability.
  • Stable and dependable banking system with high levels of capitalisation and liquidity.


  • Low credit penetration.
  • High percentage of the population on the poverty level.
  • Insecurity in some parts of the country


  • In Mexico a large number of projects still remain to be developed in infrastructure, energy, oil exploration, telecommunications, and transport.
  • There is still demand for housing. Demand for products and services from an emerging middle class.


  • Uncertain international economic and financial environment, both in the euro zone and in the United States, which may affect the country’s dynamism.
  • Reversion of capital flows in the event of a sudden change occurring in the investors’ expectations, basically due to problems abroad.
  • The country’s political situation. Future political changes.

Banco Sabadell in Mexico


Banco Sabadell started to work in Mexico over 20 years ago; first with a network of correspondents with Mexican banks, and later on when our first representation branch was opened in 1991; it is currently operating as a financial company through Banco Sabadell México, which enables us to provide financing directly from this country.

Banco Sabadell enjoys recognition and respect on the Mexican market due to its reliability, its professionalism and the quality of its services. It also represents a point of reference for any company with interests in this country, providing a wide range of services, consultancy and support for local or foreign companies


  • Launching on the market and in local banking.
  • Advice on a large number of financial products
  • Networking with the main public and private agents in the country and with companies from numerous sectors.
  • Banking services through Banco Sabadell México

Business structure in Mexico

Incorporating a foreign company

The two company structures most commonly used in Mexico are:

Public Limited Company (PLC)

  • Can do any kind of business.
  • No minimum share capital.
  • At least two partners. This is incorporated before a public notary or official and has to be registered in a public registry.
  • Flexibility in corporate governance. Leaves its shareholders free to agree on rights of minorities and majorities, as well as to issue different kinds of shares.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

  • Can do any kind of business.
  • Incorporated between partners who are only obliged and answer for payment of their own contributions.
  • No minimum share capital
  • Made up of at least two partners (up to at most fifty).
  • Incorporated before a public notary or official and have to be registered in a public registry.

Both the PLC and the LLC can also be “variable capital companies”. This means their capital can be increased by subsequent contributions from the shareholders or partners, or by the admission of new members. Likewise, their capital can be reduced by the partial or total withdrawal of the contributions of the members of said companies.

Payment methods in Mexico

Payment media are regulated and overseen by the Central Bank (Bank of Mexico).


Exports to Mexico

  • Documentary Credit:
    bank promise to pay, payable against presentation of documents accrediting the export. It is subject to the internationally accepted rules of the CCI.
  • Buyer credit:
    for sales of machinery and capital goods, generally over a longer term. It is preferable to use Banco Sabadell’s buyer credit line.
  • Collections:
    collection management of commercial documents before the buyer by a bank in Mexico. This is more flexible and less costly than the documentary credit, but does not represent any guarantee of collection. Generally, these are remittances with a sight bill of exchange.
  • Open account:
    Spanish companies that pay with deferred and non-guaranteed payment will have an advantage over those that insist on confirmed documentary credit, but they will be running what is clearly a higher risk.


Imports from Mexico

  • Documentary Credit:
    a bank promise to pay, payable against presentation of documents substantiating the import.
  • Collections:
    collection management of payment for commercial documents with the buyer by the Spanish bank, without any guarantee of collection.

International negotiation protocol in Mexico

  • Conocimiento y confianza. Es bueno ganarse la confianza para hacer negocios.
  • Vida social. Es importante para conocerse, ganar confianza y ampliar contactos de negocios.
  • Familiaridad. Los mexicanos son negociadores duros, aunque dan un matiz de calidez y cercanía a sus negociaciones.
  • Negociación. Las negociaciones suelen ser largas, implicando varios días de estancia en México.

Documentación: cualquier propuesta debe acompañarse de dosieres, material gráfico y audiovisual e información lo más completa posible.



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