Issuance of cheques and transfers

Collections and payments

We take charge of the immediate notification and management of the acceptance and/or collection of the remittances received from your providers abroad in accordance with the instructions received and with as much flexibility as possible.

We manage the shipment and collection of the payments of the documents related to your export operations with the buyer’s bank so that they can be delivered to you on the agreed terms (payment or acceptance of a bill of exchange over a certain period).

Our cash pooling service facilitates greater integration between your accounts in Spain and those abroad. If your company forms part of a multinational group, our satellite cash pooling service enables you to integrate your accounts with those of the group and manage them remotely.

Take advantage of the possibilities provided by our foreign operating network for the channelling of your collections in each country by opening accounts in our international network of branches.

We process your collections received from abroad by administering cheques, receiving transfers from banking institutions and SEPA collections and managing your electronic collection remittances.

Procure a fast and exclusive service for your foreign payments by using our broad external network of branches and correspondents.