Support for international business development

Support for international business development

ieTeam has its own tools for diagnosing and analysing a company’s export capacity. Different internal and external aspects of the company will be analysed with the aim of assessing the key factors that the company should take into account before making the leap into international markets.

We assist companies in their international development with contacts at your destination. We work in more than 25 countries at all stages of a company’s international development. From the initial phases of analysis and market research to assess which country may be of interest, to implementation at the destination.

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We are the perfect partner for all those companies that need to address challenges in the areas of internationalisation, strategy, people and innovation. We currently have three offices of our own at the national level (Gipuzkoa, Bizkaia and Madrid) and four international offices (Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and France), as well as being present and having the capacity to develop projects in more than 25 countries.

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Plan de expansión internacional


Define el plan de expansión internacional para su empresa.

Exclusive advantage

Guided diagnosis


Analyse your exporting capability with the assistance of an expert in internationalisation.

Exclusive advantage

Self-diagnosis for export

Banco Sabadell

Carry out a free, simple diagnosis of your exporting capabilities and discover your strengths, weaknesses and how to improve.