Keys to successful selling

Keys to successful selling

To operate successfully and continuously in different countries and cultures requires taking into account certain aspects that, despite appearing mere formalities, enable us to create trust and understanding.

 Lack of knowledge of the protocols, business communications, cultural aspects or the form of relationships can hinder the best of businesses.

 The keys to successful selling will enhance your capacity to relate with a given market.

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amec es una organización empresarial cuyos miembros, principalmente pymes, gozan de una alta vocación internacional e innovadora. Nuestro objetivo es que las empresas compitan en un mercado global creando un marco de servicios, información y networking que permita la mejora competitiva de manera constante y facilite así su internacionalización e innovación.

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Support for international business development


Conduct market research on a specific sector or country and analyse the potential, competition and positioning that your company may have.

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Plan de estrategia internacional


Define el plan de expansión internacional para su empresa.

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Export/import analysis by country


Tool that provides information on imports and exports from/to all the countries in the world for any product.

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Country risk


Find the diagnostics of the risks arising from overseas trade and investment.

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Country information


See the chief economic indicators, current news and statistics of the markets that are best suited to your company.

Country rating

Standard & Poor’s

See the chief economic indicators, current news and statistics of the markets into which you are planning to expand.

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