Export/import analysis by country

Export/import analysis by country

You can receive information on all the imports-exports of any product (tariff code) from/to the countries you are interested in right on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, with an interactive program and an intelligent product search engine which doesn’t require previous knowledge of the tariff code.

You choose your product, country or countries, and the dates and the tool will provide you with the volumes for each country and the average prices realised.

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Free for queries regarding any 2-digit code PROFESSIONAL: €50/month. This allows for queries regarding ten 6-digit tariff codes. 10% discount for Go Export users BUSINESS: €250/month. Unlimited queries for all tariff codes. 12% discount for Go Export users Indicating “goexport” discount code

Enantio is a Spanish company which, within a short period of time, has succeeded in becoming the benchmark for foreign trade analysis thanks to its use of Big Data Market Intelligence. Through Sabadell Go Export, it presents its application for instant analysis of any market/s of interest.

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