International business agenda

International business agenda

Use expert services to identify the really useful contacts in the target country. The international business agenda identifies these contacts and creates a program of work and meetings in line with your business. Via the overseas AMEC network you can achieve maximum efficiency in your international business.

Request an agenda of contacts and you will receive a 10% discount on the regular prices.

amec es una organización empresarial cuyos miembros, principalmente pymes, gozan de una alta vocación internacional e innovadora. Nuestro objetivo es que las empresas compitan en un mercado global creando un marco de servicios, información y networking que permita la mejora competitiva de manera constante y facilite así su internacionalización e innovación.

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Support for international business development


Develop an agenda of meetings with target companies in the country of destination. At ieTeam we will help you to set up these meetings (virtual or face-to-face) with those company profiles that have been prioritised.

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