Exporting to Malaysia

Malaysia. Federation of Malaysia

Export opportunities for Spanish companies in Malaysia


  • After Singapore, Malaysia is the most developed country in the ASEAN region.
  • Significant increase in the middle class with major internal demand.
  • Possesses a large quantity of natural resources.
  • Solid financial system.


  • Qualified labour and professional positions below demand.
  • Increasing production costs.
  • Productivity tending to decrease. A programme of reforms will be necessary for its growth.
  • Economic liberalisation reforms pending execution.


  • Opportunities related to infrastructures, industrial supplies, chemical products, electronics sector and consumer products.
  • Facilities to transfer and repatriate currencies, capital, profits, dividends, interest, loan repayments, royalties, etc.
  • Incentives for foreign investment and restrictions in some sectors.
  • Special economic areas and customs deposits exist.
  • Malaysia and the EU are in negotiations (since 2010) for the establishment of a free trade area.


  • Growth of GDP in 2014 of 5.5% and good prospects in the medium term.
  • Important public programme of investment in new infrastructures, especially in the railway sector (Singapore and Kuala Lumpur high-speed project and projects for new underground railway lines).




Keck Seng Tower
133 Cecil Street, 09-01 a
069535 Singapore


Contact details
Manager: Joan Salafranca
Tel.: (+65) 6224 2707




Form of government

Elective parliamentary monarchy

Official language (22 official languages)



Malaysian ringgit (MYR)

Exchange rate

1 euro = 4.56 MYR (January 2014)


  • Islam (official religion)
  • There are important Buddhist, Hindu and Taoist communities
  • Christian minority (9.2%)


30 million (2013)

Time difference

+6 hours

Banco Sabadell in Malaysia


Miss Salamah and Joan Salafranca (Manager).



Banco Sabadell’s relationship with the Malaysian banking system dates back to the early 1980s. During this time, a close and solid relationship was built up with the majority of the banks of Malaysia, thus covering the needs of Spanish exporters.

The proximity of Banco Sabadell’s regional office in Singapore, with a presence in the country since 1990, has allowed intense collaboration to be developed in this market with public and private sectors alike. Furthermore, Banco Sabadell in Singapore has strengthened its capacity for accompanying and advising companies, investors, importers and exporters in Malaysia, achieving renown among the financial and economic community in the country itself.


  • Banco Sabadell in Malaysia possesses great knowledge of the local market, thus allowing it to offer guidance to companies in taking their first financial steps in the country.
  • Personalised and quality service aimed at Spanish companies.
  • Commercial advice on the market, on export and import of products to and from abroad, on the local banking system and on numerous financial products.
  • Monitoring of transactions, projects and tenders of foreign trade with Spain.
  • Networking with the main agents.