Exporting to Colombia


Opportunities for Spanish companies

Strong points

  • An emerging economy with great growth potential in the region.
  • Young population (55% <30 years).
  • Controlled growth of inflation.
  • Rich in natural resources (oil, coal, mining in general, agriculture, etc.).
  • Very aggressive plan for investment in road infrastructure in the next few years.


  • Large informal economy.
  • Lack of suitable road, rail and port structure.
  • Corrupction.
  • Uncertainty about tax reform and its impact on investments.


  • The country is carrying out a large-scale infrastructure plan to improve its efficiency
  • There are special economic zones (free zones) and customs warehouses.
  • Investment opportunities for the farming and fishing and farming/industrial sectors as well as energy deployment.
  • Third biggest economy in Latin America and one of the
    countries with greatest economic stability in the region
  • esetcatobrislidwaithd peoctoenótiaml:ica en la
    hydrocarbons and mining. región.


  • The economy is slowing down.
  • Growth prospects reviewed downwards.
  • Improvement in business climate associated with prospects for the Pacific Alliance


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Carrera 7, 71-21, Oficina 1604, Torre B
Centro Financiero Av. Chile – Bogotá
Tel. (+57) 1555 0626


BS in Colombia


The Bogotá representative office (opened in 2015) provides you with a team to help you with professionalism and dedication, giving you individual and personal assistance.

Our office combines in-depth knowledge of the specific features of the Colombian market, as well as of the local financial sector, Spanish bodies present in the Colombian Republic and public institutions


  • Guidance and introduction of Spanish companies onto the local market.
  • Advice on a wide range of financial products: bilateral credits, syndicated credits, club deals, project financing.
  • Regular contacts with Spanish and local companies in different sectors as well as with public and private agents in the country.
  • Monitoring transactions.
Destination Colombia: a land of opportunities.

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