Transactions by tariff item

Transactions by tariff item

Xportalia provides the transactions using your tariff item in 54 countries, so you have available the information necessary to make the best decision.

This information signifies you know the volumes and units price per transaction, freight, customs, etc, together with a list of importers and exporters and their corresponding transactions.

Information 100% up to date and from official sources.

10% discount on all the reports. 29% discount on the use of the platform.

Xportalia es la plataforma líder en servicios de información para empresas, asociaciones, instituciones y agentes de todo el mundo, y servicios vinculados a la internacionalización que les permitan crecer y desarrollarse.

More products of: Access to markets

Support for international business development


Design of an internationalisation plan and market selection to define the best way for your company to access the target market.

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Entrada en un mercado extranjero


Define la mejor forma de entrar en el país de destino para su empresa.

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Market Ranking Report

Identify the best markets for your company with Market Ranking. Download our Market Ranking reports to be extra sure and place your resources in the markets that can generate the most opportunities for you.

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Trade balances by tariff items


Discover the trade balance in accordance with your tariff item in any of the 54 countries available on our platform.

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Pre-seleccion of markets


Discover the potential markets for exports, in accordance with the characteristics of your product or service.

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Conditions for access to third countries

Comisión Europea

Check the barriers and conditions for penetrating third party countries before adopting any decision.

Tariffs and duties

Comisión Europea

See the tariffs and duties applicable to the import of any product from any country.

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