Portfolio assessment

Portfolio assessment

An innovative control and monitoring system for your portfolio to guide you in decision-making and risk follow-up.

 It has statistical decision-making models for different countries that manage millions of data on hundreds of thousands of companies. An advanced outsourcing system for risk control. With seventy professionals specialising in risk analysis continuously monitoring your debtors portfolio and advising you on management.

 The service operates in real time and is accessible via different channels (internet, mobile…).

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Especializados en gestión del riesgo comercial, CESCE aporta seguridad a los intercambios a través de la información y la tecnología.

Ofrece soluciones integrales de crédito, gestiona el riesgo del crédito por cuenta del Estado a la internacionalización de las empresas españolas y aporta información y servicios especializados.

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Access the database with over 5 million companies and self-employed used by over 95% of banks in their daily operations.

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