In-Company – Face-to-face language programs

In-Company – Face-to-face language programs

The in-company language program offers customised training, with a clear business focus, taught by native teachers and access to digital contents. Using the Flipped Classroom methodology learning is swifter because the unit assigned online is studied and thus 100% of the class is used with the teacher to apply the new knowledge and develop communication skills.

Languages available: English, Spanish, French, German, etc.

50% discount on training the first month for subscription to a minimum 6 months’ training.

Líderes en formación de idiomas de negocios. Más de la mitad de las empresas del IBEX35 aprenden idiomas con Training Express. Especializados en combinar lo mejor del profesor y la tecnología. Nuestra plataforma premiada a nivel mundial, es utilizada por 50.000 alumnos en más de 124 países.

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Language program via telephone or Skype – Virtual

Training Express Group

Highly personalised, flexible language program that connects students with native teachers via telephone or Skype.

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Executive English Program – Open groups

Training Express Group

Course aimed at professionals who seek to enhance the international profile, either for expanding projects or obtaining opportunities outside the country.

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