Global business network and business opportunities

Global business network and business opportunities

Opportunity Network offers companies access to a global network of companies, all of them customers of major international banks, to facilitate access to new markets and new customers and suppliers.

The platform works as a network of members invited by financial institutions that allows them to post business and investment opportunities and find trusted counterparties with whom to close potential business deals.

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For all those companies that are customers of Banco Sabadell and register on the platform, the first three months following the date of registration will be completely free, with access to all the capabilities offered by the platform

Opportunity Network is a global financial technology company that provides a neutral deal matching platform for companies to publish and to directly connect to trade and investment opportunities throughout the world.

Opportunity Network will allow your company:

  • To access new markets and new customers and suppliers
  • To improve supplier networks in different sectors: raw materials, capital goods, logistic products, etc.
  • To forge new partnerships to support innovation, growth and new strategic initiatives
  • To find specialised service providers both nationally and internationally
  • To contact investors, acquisition targets or potential buyers
  • To identify potential investment opportunities
  • To understand emerging industry trends
  • To discover new business opportunities, networks and potential investments

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Support for international business development


We assist companies in their international development with contacts at your destination.

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Búsqueda de socios comerciales


Desarrolle su negocio en el país de destino a través de nuestros servicios de búsqueda de socios/clientes o programa de Business Development.

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Assess and filter the list of companies


Obtain information on the companies operating in your target country to simplify your internationalisation process.

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Customised Company Listing


Purchase your B2B company listing according to your needs.

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Global B2B prospecting solution


Atrract new B2B customers from all over the world with powerful business intelligente and marketing solutions.

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