AENOR training

AENOR offers a wide range of courses of different types: Open courses, in company, on-line, CD ROM, seminars and short-term courses as well as own qualifications and masters.

Training services in quality, environment, safety, social responsibility, ICT, etc.

On demand, AENOR designs and teaches customised courses in accordance with client specifications.

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Organización privada, independiente y sin ánimo de lucro cuya misión es desarrollar actividades de normalización en España y evaluación de la conformidad con ámbito mundial y contribuir así a la competitividad de las empresas y su posicionamiento en los mercados. Trabaja en más de 70 países.

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Foreign trade (customised)


Train people so as to ensure your company’s success in internationalisation.

Exclusive advantage

Program for Owner-Managers. Development strategy for SMEs


Acquire a long-term global overview of where you want to take your company and what is fundamental to achieving success.

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Online video-sessions

Banco Sabadell

Train and inform your company’s foreign trade professionals anywhere, anytime, via the BancoSabadellTV video-sessions.