Means of payment in Turkey


Exports to Turkey

It is advisable to guarantee collection to the greatest possible extent.

  • Documentary Credit:
    allowing the seller to ensure payment prior to shipping the goods. Discount option (forfaiting) by Banco Sabadell for the LC managed by this bank.
  • Collection:
    collection management of trade documents with purchaser by the bank in Turkey. Generally with sight payment or draft.
  • Collateral:
    issued by Turkish institutions and counter- guaranteed by Banco Sabadell. Buyer credit:
  • Credit for purchasers:
    with the guarantee of a local bank/Turkish company managed by BS as lender to the Turkish company and sight collection from the Spanish company.



Imports from Turkey

  • Documentary Credit:
    bank promise to pay contingent upon submission of proof of export documents.
  • Import remittance:
    collection management of commercial documents with the buyer by the Spanish bank.
  • Collateral
  • Simple transfer:
    common meansof payment and collection. Several leading Turkish entities hold their accounts in euros in Banco Sabadell. This simplifies transfers, as no intermediary bank is necessary, with the resulting reduction in cost and time.