Exporting to Turkey

Turkey. Republic of Turkey

Opportunities for Spanish companies in Turkey

Strong points

  • This is a dynamic society with a large percentage of young people.
  • Its economy is dominated by the private sector.
  • Major industrial base of both business holdings and medium- sized/family companies.
  • Key strategic position for developing other markets
  • Growing middle class demanding new goods and services.
  • Sound local financial system closely supervised by the financial authority and the Central Bank.


  • High current account deficit.
  • Low rates of private savings and dependence on foreign financing.
  • Lack of natural resources.
  • There is no uniform distribution of income, which entails major social imbalances.


  • The Turkish government is undertaking an ambitious programme of infrastructures with major projects in different sectors.
  • Right to transfer and repatriate sums in foreign currencies.
  • Systems of aid and tax incentives for investment.


  • High level of reserves at the Central Bank, tax deficit kept to low levels.
  • Maintenance of high rates of growth.
  • Great activity of Turkish companies abroad, Open to new markets.


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Banco Sabadell in Turkey


Banco Sabadell was a pioneer in Turkey, since it was the first Spanish bank to become established in the country in February 2006, thus culminating the work done over more than two decades.

This long-term vision and extensive experience have gained the recognition and respect of Turkish banks and the corporate sector. Thanks to this work and its in-depth knowledge of the Turkish financial-economic system, it has become a reference for companies wishing to do business in the country, either by their physical presence and incorporating a local company or using contacts with their Turkish counterparts


  • Support for activities in the country through a personalised service provided by a highly-experienced local team.
  • Support in updated information on legislative, commercial and financial aspects.
  • Holding trade fairs and tenders in different sectors.
  • Assistance and follow-up of operations, projects and tenders.
  • Assistance in contacts with local Turkish companies.