Exporting to Taiwan

Taiwan. Republic of China (R.O.C.)

Export opportunities for Spanish companies in Taiwan


  • Dynamic economy in which the foreign sector has major importance.
  • One of the so-called “Asian dragons”.
  • Leading investor in continental China.
  • Specific agreements and preferential treatment in issues involving introduction into China.
  • Centre of the transport channelling in the Asia-Pacific region and China.
  • Reliable, solid financial and legal systems. The financial system is open and liberalised.


  • Excessive dependency on mainland China for the production of certain articles.
  • Relations with mainland China fluctuate with many ups and downs that directly affect the value of its currency.
  • Certain isolation on an international level.


  • Consumer goods, agro-food products, fashion, footwear.
  • Construction materials.
  • Automotive components.
  • Infrastructures.
  • Tourism and leisure.


  • The GDP will grow depending on its productivity in China and its main customers, the U.S.A. and Southeast Asia.
  • The antagonism between the two main parties in Taiwan is a determining factor in marking its relations with China.
  • Geostrategic location in Asia that favours its economic positioning.
  • Relations with China are often unstable and this jeopardises Taiwan.




Nanjing West Road N1038
West Gate Mall 1605A, Jing’an district
Shanghai 200041


Contact details

Manager: Guillermo Díaz Sevilla

Tel.: (+86) 921 62718347



Form of government

Semi-presidential republic

Official language

  • Mandarin
  • Taiwanese (dialect)


New Taiwan dollar (TWD)

Exchange rate

  • 1 dollar = 30 TWD (February 2014)
  • 1 euro = 41 TWD (February 2014)


  • Buddhism (35%)
  • Taoism (33%)
  • Catholicism and Christianity (4%)
  • Other minorities (28%)


23.3 million (2013)

Time difference

From April to September: +6 hours; from October to March: +7 hours

Banco Sabadell in Taiwan


Eva Wu, Guillermo Díaz (Manager) and Yao Danping.


At Banco Sabadell we have been covering Taiwan from the regional office for the north of Asia based in Shanghai and established in the year 2005.

We have correspondent bank relations with the entire Taiwanese banking system, with which we maintain excellent relations. Today, Banco Sabadell in Taiwan is recognised as a leading bank with respect to the management of international business linked with trade in Taiwan.

Banco Sabadell has lines of financing for medium and long-term projects granted to Taiwanese banks, just as Taiwanese banks have granted extensive lines of financing to Banco Sabadell.


Banco Sabadell in Taiwan possesses great knowledge of the local market, thus allowing it to offer guidance to companies in taking their first financial steps in the country.

  • Advice on setting up a Spanish company in Taiwan: export and import of products to and from abroad.
  • Monitoring of import/export transactions.
  • Support for projects and tenders through the issuing of references and guarantees issued to local banks.
  • Making available to SMEs the contacts developed in local banking.