Business structure in the Dominican Republic

Incorporating a foreign company

Representative office
Focusses only on managing interests of the company or its subsidiaries. It is not allowed to do business or perform any transactions entailing income. It has to obtain authorisation from the Dominican Companies Registry


Incorporating a Dominican company

The Dominican Republic recognises and regulates several types of companies:

General partnerships:
An external company doing commercial or civil business under a unified company name, whose partners answer for any debts which cannot be met with share capital. In this type of company some partners do not provide capital, only work, these being known as an “industrial partners ”.

Closed limited partnerships: 
Personal partnership-type companies characterised by the coexistence of general partners, answering for company debts with no limits and taking part in the company’s management, and limited or silent partners, who do not participate in the management and whose liability is limited to the capital contributed to the company.

Limited joint-stock partnerships:  
These are companies consisting of one or several active partners, who will have the status of entrepreneurs and be liable on an unlimited and joint and several basis for corporate debts, and of limited or silent partners, with shareholder status and only liable for losses in proportion to their contributions.

Limited Liability Companies (SRL):
Trading companies in which liability is limited to the capital paid in.

Public limited companies (SA):
Trading corporations whose owners are given this status by owning stakes in share capital through certificates or shares.