Exportar a República Dominicana

República Dominicana

Opportunities for the Spanish company in República Dominicana

Strong points

  • Growing and dynamic economy
  • Geographical location
  • Wealth in natural resources
  • Low inflation rate as compared with other countries in the region
  • Stable exchange rate
  • Excelente plataforma para exportar a EE. UU.


  • Sector energético pobre.
  • Déficit estructural.
  • Elevado nivel de deuda.
  • Excellent platform for exporting to the U.S.A.


  • Poor energy sector.
  • Structural deficit.
  • High level of debt.
  • Poverty.


Investment is significantly growing in the following sectors:

  • Tourism/li>
  • Mining
  • Building
  • Energy


  • Economic stability
  • Prospects of growth of GDP
  • Positive impact due to drop in oil prices.
  • Rising numbers of tourists, remittances of emigrants and exports.

Find us at:

Republic of Dominicana

Av. Winston Churchill esq. Luis F. ThoménTorre BHD, Piso 7
21421 Santo Domingo
Tel.: (+1829) 893 5550 (+1829) 893 5551



Forma de estado

Democracia representativa

Idioma oficial



Peso dominicano (DOP)

Tipo de cambio

1 euro=50,95 DOP (octubre de 2015)


  • Católicos (70%)
  • Evangélicos (18%)
  • No religiosos (10%)
  • Otras (2%)


9,8 millones de habitantes (diciembre de 2014)

Diferencia horaria

Verano: -6

Invierno: -5


BS en la República Dominicana

Equipo de BS en la República Dominicana: Adolfo A. Lorenzana (director) y Dálida Cartagena.


Banco Sabadell has been in the Dominican Republic since 1998
The representative office in Santo Domingo offers you a team which will help you with professionalism and dedication , giving you individual and personalised assistance.
Our office combines in–depth knowledge of the specific features of the Dominican market with that of the local financial market, Spanish bodies working in the Dominican Republic and public institutions.


  • Guidance and introduction to the intlroocdaul cmcaiórnkedtefolar tehme -Spanish company
  • Advice on a wide range of financial products
  • Regular contact with Spanish and local companies from many different sectors and with public and private agents in the country
  • Follow-up of operations