Business structure in Poland

Incorporating a foreign business

Can only carry out activities forming part of the parent company’s corporate purpose. Has to keep accounting records in Polish and abide by local law.

Representative Office 
Their business is limited only to advertising and promoting the parent company. They can carry out market research and explore business opportunities but cannot obtain earnings.

For choosing the form of business and for any legal matters handled in the country it is advisable to make use of a local lawyer.

Incorporating a Polish company

Limited Liability Company

This is the most common legal form.
Partners are not liable for the company’s obligations and debts
These are autonomous legal entities.
The incorporation process is fast.
Low share capital required

Public limited company

Has similar features to Spanish “S.A.”s.
Requires at least two partners and a minimum initial capital (roughly PLN 100,000).

Joint venture
With a Polish partner providing in-depth knowledge of the local market and a consolidated network of contacts: a common way for foreign companies to get onto the market.