Business structure in Perú

Incorporating a foreign company

A foreign company can be incorporated in Peru in the following forms:

Representative office:
only for managing the interests of the company or its subsidiaries. It cannot do business or perform transactions which entail any income

for a foreign company to be able to do business on an ongoing basis in Peru it will have to set up a branch with a registered office in this country.

The government continues to promote reforms favouring business creation, and setting up a company is easier now (no minimum capital is required) and also faster (26 days)

Incorporating a company in Perú


Individual limited liability company (EIRL):
ncorporated by a private law legal entity with its own assets independent from those of its owner, which is always a natural person. The E.I.R.L. is allowed to carry out civil and commercial operations.

Commercial limited liability company (SRL):
from two to twenty shareholders, not personally liable for the company’s obligations

Public limited company (SA):
the partners are not jointly and severally liable for corporate debts. The share capital is represented by registered shares which are the contributions made by its shareholders. There have to be at least two shareholders (natural or legal persons, resident or non-resident.
There are two different forms:

  • Open public limited company (SAA): unlimited maximum no. of shareholders
  • Closed public limited (SAC): at most 20 shareholders