Means of payment in Perú


Exports to Peru

  • Documentary credit (LC):
    gives the export great security of being paid, subject to international regulations.
  • Export remittance
  • Guarantees:
    issued by Peruvian banks and counter- guaranteed by BS.
  • Simple transfer / payment order
  • Bank giro:
    this must be made out to a natural person or a company.
  • Bank cheques: 
    when the negotiating parties know and trust each other.


Imports from Peru

  • Documentary credit (LC):
    a banking payment commitment, either at sight or term, conditional on proper submission of documents accrediting export
  • Export remittance:
    the exporter gives the commercial documents to its bank, with instructions to deliver these to the purchaser against payment, acceptance of a draft or submission of a promissory note. This is governed by publication 522 of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and local laws
  • Guarantees
  • Simple transfer / payment order: 
    a payment made by the importer to the exporter through banks.