Exporting to Perú


Opportunities for Spanish companies in Perú.

Strong points

  • Firm commercial bonds with Spain, the eighth biggest commercial customer of Peru, as its gateway to Europe.
  • High and sustainable economic growth.
  • Structural reforms in the business field promoted by the government.
  • Plentiful natural resources.
  • Flexible legal framework in the field of foreign investment.


  • Building sector. 88,000 million USD in infrastructure projects until 2021, mainly in energy, transport, telecommunications and water infrastructure
  • Other potential sectors: iron and steel products, building equipment, farming-food machinery (especially for irrigation), packaging, electronics and I.T. and textile machinery.
  • There is a wide range in significant import markets for Peru such as medical products, chemicals and services for the mining industry.


  • Concession of Pan-American Games 2019 and building of “planned cities” promoted by the Peruvian State over the coming years.
  • De-dollarisation process led by the BCRP.
  • Spanish involvement is still fairly low in the chemical and service sector connected with mining, which have large volumes of imports to this country.


  • Vulnerable to fluctuations in the prices of minerals and metals (main exports).
  • Fragile business atmosphere with an extensive informal sector
  • Current deficit in infrastructures.


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Banco Sabadell in Perú


The representative office in Lima, opened in 2015, offers you a team which will help you with professionalism and dedication, giving you individual and personal assistance.

Our office combines in-depth knowledge of the specific features of the Peruvian market, as well as of the local financial sector, Spanish bodies working in Peru and public institutions.


  • Guidance and introduction of the Spanish company on the local market
  • Advice on a large number of financial products, bilateral credits, syndicated credits, club deals or project financing
  • Regular contact with Spanish and local companies in a large number of sectors and with public and private agents in the country
  • Follow-up of operations
Destination Peru symposium: a land of opportunities.

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