Exporting to Japan

Japan. State of Japan

Opportunities for Spanish companies in Japan

Strong points

  • The world’s third-largest economy.
  • Large market for consumer goods, in which quality is more important than price.
  • Exporter of electronics and high- technology. Major promoter of R&D exchange.
  • Receiver of quality foreign investment, mainly in new technologies and renewable energies.
  • Japan has been investing in Spain constantly for many years.
  • Stable, well-developed and reliable legal system, and an open, liberal and sound economic and financial system


  • Marked nationalism in consumption patterns: local products are considered better quality than foreign products.
  • Rather inflexible in decision- making which sometimes leads to things taking too long.


Opportunities in:

  • Consumer goods, agro-food products, fashion, footwear.
  • Building materials.
  • Automobile components.
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical sector.
  • Tourism and leisure.
  • Renewable energies.


  • Slowly but surely expanding.
  • Japan has taken a position as world leader in certain electronic consumer goods.
  • The major Japanese banks are again taking positions on emerging markets to prevent Chinese banks from becoming too important.
  • South Korea and China are seen as a threat due to territorial tensions with China and the economic emergence of South Korea.

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Banco Sabadell in Japan


Banco Sabadell covers Japan from its office in Shanghai, which was established in 2005. It has correspondent bank relations with all Japanese banks, with which it maintains excellent relations. Banco Sabadell in Japan is recognised as a reference bank with respect to the management of international business associated with trade in Japan. Through frequent visits to Japan, these relationships with its correspondent banks in Japan have been strengthened.
Banco Sabadell in Japan has financing lines granted to Japanese banks for projects in the medium and long term. Japanese banks have likewise granted extensive facilities to Banco Sabadell for the development of foreign trade operations, to offer international cover through guarantees for the local operations of its customers.


  • Advice on the establishment of Spanish companies in Japan, providing a specialised and individualised service.
  • Monitoring of import or export transactions with Japan through the relationships developed with local banks.
  • Support for projects and tenders by issuing references and guarantees issued to local banks.