Exporting to Indonesia

Indonesia.  Republic of Indonesia

Export opportunities for Spanish companies in Indonesia


  • Most important economy in South East Asia, and it’s an ASEAN region.
  • Internal demand as the cornerstone of its growth (significant increase of the middle class).
  • Major needs for investment in infrastructures.
  • Intra-regional agreement to reduce customs tariffs (ASEAN).
  • Rich in natural resources.
  • Robust financial system.


  • Regulatory and governance system is weak, opaque and lacks transparency.
  • Low efficiency of public administration and excessive bureaucracy.
  • Deficient implementation of public projects.
  • Major reforms pending introduction.


  • Opportunities in infrastructures, industrial supplies, chemical products and consumer products.
  • Agreements for the promotion and protection of investments with many countries, including Spain (APPRI 1996), and signatory of IGA and MIGA.
  • Right to transfer and repatriate in foreign currencies, capital, profits, dividends, interest, loan repayments, royalties…
  • Incentives for foreign investment and restrictions in certain sectors.
  • There are special economic zones and customers deposits.


  • Weakness of currency and high interest rate.
  • Trade deficit, however, with good overseas reserves, moderate fiscal deficit and good position with regard to external payment obligations.
  • Prospects for growth in infrastructures, industrial sector and consumer goods.
  • Growth of GDP for 2013 of 5.5% and positive outlook in the medium term.



Representative office in Singapore

Keck Seng Tower

133 Cecil Street, 09-01 A



Contact details

Manager: Joan Salafranca

Tel. (+65) 6224 2707 069535



Form of government

Parliamentary republic

Official language



Indonesian rupiah (IDR)

Exchange rate

1 euro = 15.145 IDR (October 2013)


  • Islam (88%, the most highly populated Muslim country in the world)
  • Protestantism (5%)
  • Catholicism (3%)
  • Hinduism (2%)
  • Animists (1%)


247 million (2012)

Time difference

+7 hours Western Indonesia (Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan)

+8 hours Central Indonesia (Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan)

+9 hours Eastern Indonesia (Irian Jaya)

Banco Sabadell in Indonesia


Miss Salamah and Joan Salafranca (Manager).



Banco Sabadell’s relations with banking in Indonesia date back to the 1970s.  

During this time it has developed close, solid ties with a broad range of Indonesian banks, meeting the needs of Spanish exporters.

The proximity of the regional office of Banco Sabadell in Singapore, operating in the country since 1990, has enabled it to work in close conjunction with the market and its public and private agents.

Additionally, BS Singapore has strengthened our capacity to work with and advise companies, investors, importers and exporters and is well known in the financial and economic community of the country.



  • Quality, customised service for Spanish companies.
  • Commercial advice on the market, local banking and multiple financial products.
  • Transaction monitoring, projects and tenders.
  • Networking with the chief agents.