Means of payment in France


Exports to France

  • LCR (lettre de change relevé):  improves collection of bills drawn in France.
  • International Cash pooling, international reverse factoring.
  • Issue and reissue of guarantees and SBLC standby L/C.
  • Cheques, transfers and electronic payment collections: collection management of cheques, reception of transfers from banking organisations and SEPA
  • Export remittances: collection management of documents involved in your export operations at the purchaser’s bank.
  • Export documentary credit: means the seller can have a guarantee of collection prior to shipping the goods.


Imports from France

  • Documentary credit:
    gives you, as importer, the security of your payment obligation only arising if the seller has complied with your terms and conditions as given in the credit.
  • Import remittance
  • International reverse factoring.