Exporting to the U.S.A.

U.S.A. United States of America

Export opportunities for Spanish companies in the U.S.A.


  • Market with over 310 million consumers.
  • Largest economy in the world: 25% of world production.
  • Legal, juridical and financial platform for the development of new business.
  • Benchmark in corporate transparency and political stability worldwide.


There are investment opportunities in the following sectors:

  • civil works, modernisation and expansion of infrastructures.
  • transport.
  • environment.
  • renewable energies.
  • hotels.
  • food.
  • fashion.


  • Level of competition.
  • Maturity of the market in certain sectors.
  • Slow growth expected in the short term.


  • Moderate growth of the economy over the short and medium term. However, the prospects in the energy and infrastructure sectors show strong potential for growth in the short, medium and long term.
  • Growth of the economy is expected to reach a GDP of 2.6% in 2014 and 3% in 2015, higher than the average expected growth worldwide.



Representative office in NY

One Rockefeller Plaza Suite 1420
New York, NY 10020 (EE.UU.)

Contact details
Manager:  Ainhoa Corrales
Tel. (+1) 212 901 23 70

Branch in Miami

1111 Brickell Avenue,
30th floor
Miami FL 33131


Contact details
Corporate Banking Manager: Maurici Lladó
Tel. (+1) 305 350 12 00



Official language

English (although a considerable part of the population speaks Spanish)


U.S. dollar (USD)

Exchange rate

1 euro = 1.37 USD (January 2014)


    • Protestantism (51.3%)
    • Roman Catholicism (23.9%)
    • Other religions (12.7%)
    • No affiliation (12.1%)


313.9 million (2012)

The U.S.A. has 6 time zones

Eastern: GMT -5
Central: GMT -6
Mountain: GMT -7
Pacific: GMT -8
Alaska: GMT -9
Hawaii: GMT -10

Banco Sabadell in the U.S.A.


Ainhoa Corrales (manager), Enrique Castillo and Gemma Picas.


Banco Sabadell started operating in the U.S.A. in 1993 with the opening of an international branch in Miami, Florida. 

In 2007, a period of organic and acquisition growth began. It helped turned Banco Sabadell into the fourth bank in the state of Florida by deposits.

Banco Sabadell currently offers financial solutions via its Corporate Banking, Private Banking, Investments Management and Domestic Banking arms. It does so by means of its international branch and subsidiary (Sabadell United Bank), both in Miami, as well as its representative office in New York.

Banco Sabadell started to operate in New York in mid-2012 with the main aim of financing projects in the country’s energy and infrastructure sectors.


  • Banco Sabadell has 24 financial centres in 6 counties in southern Florida and a representative office in New York in order to offer a wide range of supplementary services to Spanish companies and their executives.