Exporting to Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Opportunities for Spanish Business

Strong points

  • Growing and dynamic economy.
  • Geographical location.
  • Rich in natural resources.
  • Low inflation rate as compared with other countries in the region.
  • Exchange rate stability.
  • Excellent platform for exporting to the U.S.A.


Investment is rising significantly in the following sectors:

  • Turism.
  • Mining.
  • Building.
  • Energy.


  • Poor energy sector
  • Structural deficit.
  • High level of debt.
  • Poverty.


  • Economic stability.
  • Prospects of growth of GDP.
  • Positive impact of the drop in oil prices.
  • Increase in number of tourists, remittances of emigrants and exports.


Dominican Republic

Av. Winston Churchill esq. Luis F. Thomén

Torre BHD, Piso 7

21421 Santo Domingo

Contact details
Director: Adolfo A. Lorenzana
Tel.: (+1829) 893 5550 (+1829) 893 5551



State system

Representative democracy

Official language



Dominican peso (DOP)

Exchange rate

1 euro=50,95 DOP (Octuber de 2015)


  • Catholics (70%)
  • Evangelicals (18%)
  • Non-religious (10%)
  • Others (2%)


9.8 million inhabitants (December 2014)

Time difference

Summer: -6

Winter: -5

BS in the Dominican Republic

BS team in the Dominican Republic: Adolfo A. Lorenzana (Managaer) and Dálida Cartagena.


Banco Sabadell has been working in the Dominican Republic since 1998.

The representative office in Santo Domingo offers you a team which will help you with professionalism and commitment, giving you individual and personal assistance.

Our office combines in-depth knowledge of the specific features of the Dominican market, as well as of the local financial sector, Spanish organisations present in the Dominican Republic and public institutions.


  • Guidance and introduction of Spanish business on the local market.
  • Advice on a wide range of financial products.
  • Regular contact with Spanish and local companies from different sectors, and with public and private agents in the country.
  • Follow-up of operations.