Exporting to China

China. People’s Republic of China

Export opportunities for Spanish companies in China


  • Leading recipient of direct foreign investment (DFI).
  • Expanding domestic market.
  • Growing middle class.
  • Developing country with need for infrastructures and a clean energy supply.
  • Robust financial system.


  • Opportunities related to consumption in infrastructures, renewable energies and tourism.
  • Recent creation of free trade areas (Shanghai, 10.01.2013).


  • Strict control over circulation of capital.
  • Non-convertibility of the CNY and strong regulation of financial operations.
  • Great bureaucracy in administrations for processing permits and licences.
  • Developing judicial system.
  • Reforms pending in the legal and financial system.


  • China’s GDP will grow by between 7.5% and 8% in 2014. The reforms of the financial system are scheduled to materialise.
  • Greater role of the private sector.
  • China is facing economic and social challenges to maintain the environment of growth to date.



Representative Office in Shanghai

Nanjing West Road n1038
West Gate Mall 1605a, Jing´an District
Shanghai 200041

Contact details
Manager: Guillermo Díaz Sevilla

Tel. (+86) 921 62718347

Representative Office in Beijing

Unit 805, 8F, sky Plaza, n46
Dongzhimen Wai Street Dongcheng District
Beijing 100027

Contact details
Manager: Jin Hong

Tel. (+86) 10 84608366



Form of government

Single-party socialist state

Official language

Mandarin (there are local dialects, such as Cantonese, Taiwanese, Shanghainese, etc.)


Chinese Yuan (CNY)

Exchange rate

1 euro = 6 CNY (February 2014)

1 dollar = 8 CNY (February 2014)


  • Agnosticism and atheism (42%)
  • Polytheism influenced by Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism (30%)
  • Buddhism (18%)
  • Christianity (4%)
  • Minority ethnic religions (4%)
  • Islam (2%)


1,354 million (2012)

Time difference

Winter: +7 hours; Summer: +6 hours

Banco Sabadell in China

Team BS Shangai

BS Shangai team.

BS Beijing Team

BS Beijing team.



Banco Sabadell was the first Spanish bank to arrive in the country: in 1991, it opened a representative office in Beijing and in 2005 the second representative office opened in Shanghai, the neuralgic centre of China’s business and financial activity.



Advice and joint cooperation in establishing a Spanish company in China.

  • Individualised service via contacts secured in the country.
  • Follow-up of import/export operations via relations with local banks.
  • Support for projects and tenders.