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Opportunities and marketing

Exporter diagnosis

Do you want to focus your business on international exports? Here you can find the best tools for this process.

Self-diagnosis for export

Banc Sabadell

Carry out a free, simple diagnosis of your exporting capabilities and discover your strengths, weaknesses and how to improve.

Guided diagnosis


Analyse your exporting capability with the assistance of an expert in internationalisation.


In this section we have compiled the best resources in communications and marketing for you to internationalise your company, successfully overcoming the cultural and language barriers.

Outsourcing of global ecommerce


Supply of services including the definition of the international marketing plan, as well as drawing up the editorial calendar and online marketing.

Technological enhancement for internationalisation


Digital transformation of internationalisation processes. Digital strategies for recruiting customers in new scenarios and sales channels.

Visibility pack


Advertising on a portal with over seven million visitors worldwide is one of the bases for successful growth.

Marketing plan for fairs


Optimise your presence at fairs by tailoring your proposition to your preferred target public with the help of a team of professionals.

Defining an International marketing plan


Define your penetration into the international market with a marketing plan designed by experts in the sector.

Business reports

Portfolio assessment


Get an assessment of your portfolio completely free of charge.

Company information


Access the database with over 5 million companies and self-employed used by over 95% of banks in their daily operations.

Business reports

This section offers you access to services that provide business and company reports to simplify decision-making when expanding your business.

Assess and filter the list of companies


Obtain information on the companies operating in your target country to simplify your internationalisation process.

Customised list of companies


Obtain a list of the B2B companies that suit your needs, segmented in accordance with 50 criteria that consider the geographic area, activity, employees, turnover, etc.

Easybusiness: prospecting tool


Subscribe to this tool to segment the market, prepare direct marketing lists and acquire new clients.

Company search


Access a directory with over 5 million companies.

Agenda generator

Contact with local professionals simplifies business expansion into a new country. Get the best business agenda here.

International business agenda


Increase your efficiency by identifying the useful contacts in the country target country.

Multilateral market

The multilateral market, comprising international financial institutions, offers companies many business opportunities. Obtain all the information you need on the process for accessing it.

Advice and technical assistance

Obtain a comprehensive advisory and technical assistance service for your company to succeed in the multilateral market

Project financing


Get service and technical assistance in obtaining financing for international projects.



Train your technical and executive personnel in the internationalisation of companies and the multilateral market

Company diagnosis


Identify the business potential the multilateral market offers your company via our free online service.

Tenders Global Search: information system on business opportunities


Find the opportunities of a market that represents over 86,000 million dollars a year via the customised information system.

Public tenders

A path to commencing international expansion is via participation in tenders. Find the calls for tender in different countries here.

Public tenders


Stay up to date on the calls for public tenders as soon as they occur.