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Tools and resources

International logistics

This section contains all the information you need on transport and customs processes.

Customs consulting services


Personally monitor the customs process.

Special taxes query


Discover the formalities to be followed with regard to products subject to special taxes.

Customised pricing


Check the prices of international ocean and air transport in regular service, with port-to-port assessments.

Online chat: live queries


Make online queries regarding transport and customs.

Online pricer


Get an estimate and immediately book your international transport.

Standards and certification

Find out about the different standards in the countries you wish to export to and the certifications you need to fulfil them.



Access analysis in the physical-chemical, microbiological and sensory fields specially designed for the food industry.



Simplify your work with this SW application designed as a management tool that controls the entire process, from design to implementation and improvement of the system.

Inspection services


Find information on the Inspection services rendered by Aenor.

AENOR certification


Find out about the different ranges of AENOR certification, both for products/services and for systems/organisations.

Customer management

Discover solutions to help you manage your clients in accordance with the business characteristics and characteristics of each country.

International debt recovery

Credilex Global Recovery

Management of debt recovery claims abroad, in both judicial and non-judicial fields.

LOGBOX: customer credit management outsourcing solution

Webhelp Payment Services

A global outsourcing solution for credit management – called Logbox – which adapts to the specific needs of each company and the particularities and business practices of each country.


When internationalising your company, it is important to insure your operation or project to safeguard against any incidents.

Credit insurance


Avoid the risk of non-payment with the most advanced risk transfer service transfer on the market.

Travel transport insurance


Human resources

Opening up new markets also requires hiring new local professionals for your team. Here you can find those the most suitable for your project.

Search and selection of professionals


Search, find and evaluate candidates from any part of the world in just 20 days, objectively, on a web-enabled multimedia medium.


Internationalising a company requires experience and knowledge. Acquire them here, both for you and your employees.

Online video-sessions

Banc Sabadell

Train and inform your company’s foreign trade professionals anywhere, anytime, via the BancoSabadellTV video-sessions.

AENOR training


Easily search for the range of courses taught by AENOR.

Foreign trade (customised)


Train people so as to ensure your company’s success in internationalisation.

Program for Owner-Managers. Development strategy for SMEs


Acquire a long-term global overview of where you want to take your company and what is fundamental to achieving success.


This section contains the best language courses in preparation for doing business in new countries.

Executive English Program – Open groups

Training Express Group

Course aimed at professionals who seek to enhance the international profile, either for expanding projects or obtaining opportunities outside the country.

In-Company – Face-to-face language programs

Training Express Group

In-company language classes specialising in business language.

Language program via telephone or Skype – Virtual

Training Express Group

Highly personalised, flexible language program that connects students with native teachers via telephone or Skype.

Translation and interpretation service

International business expansion requires the best language professionals to communicate with new contacts and clients and also to become established in the market via optimal cultural immersion. Find the best partners here for overcoming the language barrier.

Text translation


Contact a professional translator to translate your company’s documents, from catalogues to sworn translations of contracts and confidential documents.

Telephone interpreting


Have available an interpreter into any language for all telephone communications you need for the internationalisation process of your business.

Export to Grow

Here you can find the best tools to analyse your financial needs when exporting.

Exporting to grow

Get in-depth knowledge of the contents of the Exporting to Grow program formed by eight leaders who help companies to internationalise.

Exporter Kit

Banc Sabadell

Discover the most useful tools and functionalities for your business in this practical kit prepared by Banco Sabadell


If you’re thinking of expanding into new countries, find the solutions you need here.

Banco Sabadell products

Banc Sabadell

Find the most thorough information on Banco Sabadell products, designed to accompany and provide solutions for internationalised companies.