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Information and analysis

Country information

This section shows the indicators, news, risk diagnostics and characteristics of the most attractive markets for your country.

Export/import analysis by countries


A tool that enables you to find out the imports and exports of all the countries in the world for any product.

Country rating

Standard & Poor’s

See the chief economic indicators, current news and statistics of the markets into which you are planning to expand.

Country information


See the chief economic indicators, current news and statistics of the markets that are best suited to your company.

Country risk


Find the diagnostics of the risks arising from overseas trade and investment.

Keys to successful selling


Discover the 10 keys to successful selling, specific to each market.

Sectoral Information

We place at your disposal all the information you need to know the chief production sectors and their circumstances in each country.

Sectorial information


Find the information you need on the chief production sectors and their positioning in different countries.

Access to markets

This section contains information on different markets and conditions for access in accordance with the country and type of product, together with the applicable tariffs and duties.

Tariffs and duties

Comisión Europea

See the tariffs and duties applicable to the import of any product from any country.

Conditions for access to third countries

Comisión Europea

Check the barriers and conditions for penetrating third party countries before adopting any decision.

Transactions by tariff item


Find the information in competitors, volumes, prices, list of importers/exporters and transactions by tariff item.

Trade balances by tariff items


Discover the trade balance in accordance with your tariff item in any of the 54 countries available on our platform.

Pre-seleccion of markets


Discover the potential markets for exports, in accordance with the characteristics of your product or service.

Standards and certification

This section contains all the information concerning the certification and standards necessary for internationalising your product or service.

AENORmás. Subscription to standards and collections


Subscribe to the newsletters on automatically updated standards accessible online, classified by areas and sectors.

Certificates search


Find current certificates of companies and products and services issued by AENOR.

Technical Advisory Service – SAT


Perform any type of query regarding standards and legislation and the relevant certification for each case.

Standards search


Discover the existence of standards of any type and view them online.


Subscribe to publications which provide updated, useful information for your internationalisation process.



Get access to the international trade magazine of the Fundación Aduanera.

Banco Sabadell

Banc Sabadell

Download the free specialised foreign trade publications of Banco Sabadell.

AENOR Publications


Search for books specialising in management.


This section shows useful supplementary information for the internationalisation of your business.

Currency converter

BS Markets

See the most up-to-date exchange rates between the currencies of the countries in which you operate.


Banc Sabadell

Access all the information on international terms of trade, with graphs and selectors to assist you in choosing the most suitable term for your business.