Means of payment in Brazil


Exports to Brazil

  • Documentary Credit:
    bank commitment to pay payable against presentation of documents accrediting the export. This is the most secure method. For a greater guarantee, confirmation can be requested by the Spanish bank.
  • Bank collection:
    collection management of commercial documents with the purchaser by a bank in Brazil. This is more flexible and less costly than documentary credits, but does not mean any guarantee of collection. These are generally remittances with a sight bill of exchange.
  • Direct collection:
    collection management in which the Spanish exporter remits the documents and collects payment directly from the Brazilian importer, which is riskier.
  • Payment in advance:
    the importer pays the Spanish exporter before receiving the documents and goods. This is the option with least risk, but very hard to obtain


Imports from Brazil

  • Documentary credit:
    bank commitment to pay on condition of documents accrediting the export being submitted
  • Documentary remittance:
    collection management of payment for commercial documents with the buyer by the Spanish bank, without any guarantee of collection. The banks involved deliver the documents to the importer through payment or acceptance of the collection terms.