Exporting to Brazil

Brazil. Federative Republic of Brazil

Opportunities for Spanish companies in Brazil

Strong points

  • Brazil is the leading economy in Latin America.
  • Its domestic market potential is enormous, with half of its population considered to be middle class.
  • Democratic and stable government.
  • Positive macroeconomic indexes thanks to strict policies and control by the government and the Central Bank of Brazil.
  • Plentiful and diverse natural resources.
  • The country is receptive to companies and people of Spanish origin.


  • The high interest rate has limited domestic investment and slowed down growth.
  • The justice and tax systems are complex mechanisms with little flexibility.
  • Major inequality endures in the distribution of income.
  • Low quality of public services, health, infrastructures and urban safety.


  • Opportunities in the oil and gas sector due to the discovery of pre- salt oil fields and deep-water crude extraction, alternative energies, civil engineering, industry, etc..
  • There are special economic areas with governmental incentives..


  • Prospects for growth in infra- structures, the energy sector and consumer goods.


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Banco Sabadell in Brazil


Banco Sabadell got its activities in Brazil under way over twenty years ago. Since then, it has developed an extensive network of correspondence with the country’s financial institutions. This has enabled it to become familiar with the regulatory framework that determines how the financial system works in Brazil.

The representative office has been a reference point for companies interested in developing commercial or investment activities in Brazil. Banco Sabadell has gained recognition and respect on the Brazilian market for its reliability, professionalism, and the quality of its services


  • Great knowledge of the local market, which enables it to give companies guidance in their first financial dealings in the country.
  • Qualified advice on commercial operations (export and import) or for direct investment of capital of Spanish companies.
  • Support for subsidiaries of Spanish companies set up in Brazil, for local companies with investments in Spain and for local companies performing foreign trade operations with Spain..